“Oh dear Medina, help me, Im having a hard time!”

Isa Hoes and Medina Schuurman are your coaches during the Lekker in your skin challenge. Of course, they also participate. How did the last week give birth?

Hi, honey,

Week three again, it‘s pretty fast, huh? How are you going? Still full of good courage and busy? I’m gonna, uh… well, how shall I put it? Oh dear Medina, help me, I‘m having a hard time! Where I thought it was going well last week, I actually feel the opposite. And I hate to say it, but I don’t know how to proceed. Yesterday I woke up and felt so bad; I had let myself go that night, not normal. It started with something small, a nut or something, but when I looked in my closet, I saw a bag of chips and before I knew it I had already opened it and in no time it was gone.

It was almost unreal. I felt so bad about that and at the same time I thought: ‘It’s already ruined it‘ and I sat with my spoon in a container of ice cream. What’s happening here? I thought. Turns out it was a nightmare! You‘re laughing, I’m sure, but I think it‘s a sign. I’m losing control, and I don‘t want to. My thoughts tend to go to the things I don’t want to, and then I‘m angry about it again. Angry at myself, because I’m afraid that I can not (again) do it. Would more people have this? – You? And what to do?

Kuss, Isa

Aaah Poppie,

lucky it was a dream. But it is quite natural that with a new feeding method of more than two weeks, you get a dip in your motivation after three weeks. I‘ve done this before, and in the third week I also had a hard time. What to do? Let’s bite through, the end is in sight. But also do not be too strict on yourself. Did you really get away with those chips and chocolate, don‘t think: ‘Oh, now everything‘s ruined! ‘ No, it‘s not that fast. You’ve been doing very well for almost three weeks. This dip is just part of it.

What‘s important is that you don’t give up now. Continuing in a gentle way. If you have too much to eat in the evening, just prepare a healthy breakfast the next day with good courage. You‘ll see that you’re going to hold on like this. And then all of a sudden, you‘re in the fourth week, and you’re like, Oh, that‘s a shame, I don’t want to stop at all. In that week you will feel better again and see real results. So know that. Now go through, and after this week, you never want to stop. Then you notice that you have really developed a lifestyle change. All right, doll, love you, hang in there, I do!

XXX, Medina

PS: It‘s good that you write it, because this is something for us all!

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