Oh thats where beets come from!

Many children nowadays do not know where their food comes from. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities organised to improve this poor knowledge. VROUW listed a number of educational and fun outings to make children more aware of the origin of their food.

Food camp

This food camp is for children who want to be more conscious about food. And want to create a healthier and more sustainable awareness. During this food camp, farmer Marije Klever shows how a plant grows into, for example, a fully grown tomato. Children can also pet cows and calves.

Where and when? There are various locations – such as the Meern (Utrecht), Deventer and Teuge (Apeldoorn) – and dates on which the food camp takes place.

Development farm

This development farm is more than just a care farm. Here you can put together your own bouquet together with your child(ren) and pick raspberries and blackberries. Ideal if your child wants to know where all that delicious fruit comes from. You can also come here for coffee, tea and a real farmer‘s lunch. You can also take part in a cooking workshop with your family. Please contact us in advance to confirm that your child is of a suitable age (8+) for the workshop.

Where can I attend? Diessen (Noord-Brabant)

When? Every Monday to Friday


In addition to the chalets that Hof Hazenberg rents out, you can also pick fresh fruit and flowers here. This special spot in Zeeland offers an oasis of tranquillity, especially because you can also enjoy a cake with fresh fruit. This is a good way for children to see that the fresh fruit they just picked themselves can also be used in something tasty!

Where is it? Aagtekerke (Zeeland)

When? Every day


Passion for organic farming. That is what drives Farm Groeizaam. In addition to an organic shop, you can also – under supervision – do woodwork and learn more about food in general. Boerderij Groeizaam actually means the shortest way from garden to table! An educational outing for the whole family.

Where to go? Emmeloord (Flevoland)

When? Every Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. And every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Self picking garden

You can also visit Texel if you want to know more about food. From picking garden to gnome path, from farm shop to tea garden; on Texel it’s all there! The gnome path is specially made for children between 2 and 10 years old, where they learn how a seed ‘grows’ into the most delicious jam. You can combine this path with the picking route to discover even more about fruit, snack vegetables and flowers. You can also buy products in the shop or relax with a cup of tea.

Where to go? Texel (North Holland)

When? Every Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm. NB: until 26 October!


An edible garden among the trees, sounds ideal, doesn‘t it? In Schraard in Friesland you can – in consultation with the farmer – pick vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. During the guided tours you will get more information about what a plant needs to grow and what applications the special medical herbs have. If you would like to know more about chickens, you have also come to the right place; this picking garden also serves as a chicken shelter.

Where is it? Schraard (Friesland)

When? Every day. NB: guided tour on request!


Here you can harvest your own vegetables and (small) fruit which you will get on your plate that same evening. There is plenty to do at this horticultural farm in Utrecht. There is a harvest festival every autumn and children are also more than welcome here to pick, taste and root in the soil! An educational moment that is so much fun that it doesn’t feel like learning, but just having fun.

Where is it? Kamerik (Utrecht)

When? Every day