‘Oh these kids today’: Russell Crowe responded to ‘Master of the Seabs’ criticism

Russell Crowe abruptly responded to criticism of his film โ€œMaster of the Seas: On the Edge of the Earthโ€ from one Twitter user. The original tape came out in 2003, with the story telling of Captain Jackie Aubrey, who, during the Napoleonic Wars, began to pursue an unknown ship that attacked his vessel. Ian McNabb wrote on his Twitter profile that โ€œif someone cant sleepโ€ in the pandemic, he advises them as a โ€œMaster of the Seasโ€ help.

According to the user, although Crowe usually creates powerful actor images, in this case something went wrong. At the same time, the viewer, in his own words, turned off the film 10 minutes after watching & mdash; so much he didnt like the tape.

The statement did not get past Crowe himself, who lamented the lack of patience in the modern viewer. Thats the problem with kids these days.

Theres no focus. Russell Crowactor added that Peter Wears painting is โ€œmagnificent,โ€ as is Russell Boyds cameraman work with a fine soundtrack.

He called the project โ€œan epic story about loyalty to the Empire, regardless of price. โ€ Its certainly a movie not for children.

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