Oil bulbs in demand during lockdown

Bakeries and many oil bulb stalls sell more oil bulbs because of the lockdown. The Dutch Brood- and Pastry Bakkers Ondernemersvereniging (NBOV) hears from their members that it is โ€œextremely busyโ€. To sell their oil bulbs coronaproof, bakers and other oil bulbs vendors come up with creative solutions. Dozens of bakeries organise an oilbollendrive-in.

Bakeries noticed throughout the year that more consumers opted for local shopping, says a spokesman for the NBOV. That will continue during the lockdown in the holiday month. Craft bakeries also sell significantly more festive products such as the oil bulb than in other years. โ€œPeople want to make it cozy at home and, of course, these festive treats help,โ€ says the sayman.

In Breda, Gorinchem, Rijnsburg, Westervoort and Wehl, oilbollendrive-ins provide just about the only outing that is still possible during this lockdown. Bakery van Maanen in Rijnsburg opens such a drive-in Wednesday. โ€œNormally we have stalls at our stores to manage the oil bulbs, but we didn‘t get a permit for this year,โ€ says a spokeswoman. Thus, the owner decided to convert the bakery in the business park into an oilbulb drive-in, where people in a ‘winter wonderland with fake snow can pick up their, usually ordered online, oil bulbs.


Max van der Zijden, owner of Bakker Klink in the Hague region, has taken precautions to spread the old and new fuss in his six bakeries, because โ€œwe expect to sell 15 percent more oil bulbs than usual.โ€ Van der Zijden rents an extra property in the centre of Voorburg and has arranged an additional entrance at another location in consultation with the municipality. All to coordinate the flow of human beings properly. In addition, entertainers ensure that people adhere to the one and a half meter rule.

Van der Zijden‘s statement for the increased demand this year for oil bulbs? โ€œIn other years, many people celebrate old and new with someone else and do not have to take care of the oil bulbs themselves, and now they do. Moreover, they always buy too many.โ€

Oil bulb stalls also see an increase in customers. Wesley Boon stands at a shopping centre in the Zeeburg district of Amsterdam with his oil bulb stand and saw his sales increase compared to other years, following the press conference in which Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the current lockdown. โ€œI also hear from other stalls in the city that they are busier. Since there is little to do, people more often take a walk nearby and then buy an oil bulb. I expect the biggest hustle and bustle on the 30th and 31st, for that there will be walkways and hand cleaning gel poles.โ€


Exception are the oil bulb stalls in city centers. โ€œNormally we are an A-location, now a B-location,โ€ says Wesley van Eijk, who stands on Leidseplein in Amsterdam with his oil bulb stand. With him, the sale has completely collapsed. โ€œFrom thousands to a few hundred oil bulbs a day.โ€ This is a setback, especially because he barely earned anything this year because he couldn’t stand at carnivals.