Okko to launch TV series on VKontakte and Telegram

Producer Alexander Rodnyanskys firm Non-Stop Production will create a series about the birth of VKontakte and Telegram services. According to Rodnyansky himself, the project was originally intended to be a feature-length filmโ€”the basis was Nikolai Kononovs book โ€œThe Durov Codeโ€. However, in the process, the authors realized that a simple tape cannot be dispensed with.

Rodnyansky added that the history of creating the services and โ€œthe vivid contradictory personality of Pavel Durov himselfโ€ fit more to the format of the series. It is unknown who will play Durov himself.

This series will be one of several projects that Non-Stop Production will create exclusively for Okko. More on Gamemania Who created the legendary Diablo 2 and how did the authors fate? Tiny Thumby is probably the smallest game console in the world Nickelodeons All-Star Brawl authors revealed gameplay behind Leonardo.