Old, familiar album is definitely the boss of cd

The album has pushed the CD to the background in the last corona year. In 2020, for the first time in about thirty years there was more music on vinyl than on CD.

Over the past year the turnover of LP sales grew by more than 11% in the Netherlands, reports industry association NVPI. As a result, in 2020 they sold โ‚ฌ17.1 million to full-length players.

The declining CD sales for years fell at the same time by almost 26%. Turnover amounted to โ‚ฌ16.9 million in 2020. With that the market part of the CD came out at 7.5%. For the first time since the CD ousted the album as market leader in the late eighties, the ‘black gold’ has outdated the digital disc with a market share of 7.6%.

The growth of vinyl is striking, because in the past year many music stores had to close their doors during the outbreak of the coronavirus. That played music streaming through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. With a turnover of โ‚ฌ185.6 million, streaming with a market share of over 82% is by far the standard for listening to music in the Netherlands.

Because of the decrease in CD sales in particular, the significant increase that the Dutch music industry has slowed down since 2015. Total revenue of โ‚ฌ225.8 million from 2020 represents an increase of 9.8% compared to a year earlier. In 2019, the increase was still 12.7%. In terms of turnover, the Netherlands occupies the tenth place worldwide.