Old School RuneScape out on Steam

Jagex released on Steam the online role-playing adventure Old School RuneScape, a classic version of the famous role-playing game RuneScape. This she did at the numerous requests of players nostalgic about the glorious past. At Old School RuneScape, the open world appears before us as it was in 2007.

But the developers promise that it will be much better: it is planned to regularly release new content, edits and updates. In the release trailer, players are offered to come up with their own story.

And it correlates to the gameplay: the game has a huge variety of gameplay styles, unique skills, powerful bosses, dynamic economy and various PVP battles. School RuneScape is free of charge.

But subscribers receive a number of bonuses, including access to the entire map, additional skills and quests, as well as exclusive powerful items of equipment. The subscription is one for both modern RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

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