Oldest penguin (31) slept in USA zoos

A humbold penguin named Mochica died at the Oregon Zoo at the age of 31. The animal was one of the oldest penguins in the world, according to the zoo in a statement.

Mochica lived in the zoo since 1990. He was raised by hand, which was normal at that time.

The animal had special habits. Mochica would rather spend time with people than with his peers. โ€œMo just walked into the kitchen where the carers were preparing the food,โ€ says in the statement.

Mochica was euthanized at the age of 31 because he suffered many old age ailments that made his life unbearable.

The seabird was one of the oldest humbold penguins in the world. In the wild, these animals grow up to 20 years on average and in zoos often age due to their veterinary care, proper housing and daily care.