Oliver Daemen and father Joes are world news: “He was emotional, we were just having fun!”

That was great. Oliver Daemen, the youngest astronaut in history, responded delighted and euphoric, but at the same time mature and mastered when he re-contacted Earth on Tuesday after an 11-minute space flight with Blue Origin. After landing, Daemen rages the world again.

Foreign media have an eye not only for Jeff Bezos who took a PR moment of unprecedented value with his Blue Origin, but also for Oliver Daemen, the surprise of the quartet that shot into space Tuesday night. Because someone else cancelled, he was allowed to go.

A Dutch teenager explained in ecstasy That was great! After writing history today by becoming the youngest astronaut in space, writes the Daily Mail.

Daemen fell into the arms of father Joes and other family members as he crawled out of the New Shepard and continued his life on earth after ten crawling minutes. Dutch glory, of course, or rather Brabantse. Getting the first together with the Amazon boss, his brother and an 82-year-old brand new astronaute is not nothing.

Father Joes

After the end of the flight there is a lot of attention to his father. Oliver also mentions Joes in the press conference afterwards. He was a little more emotional than I thought, everyone on the ground. And we were just having fun! , said the Daemen junior sitting next to Jeff Bezos giving him the laughers on his hand.

Daemen, who continues for the new flying Dutchman within Bezos company, owes his trip financially to his father Joes. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to him internationally. Joes Daemen is CEO of private equity company Somerset Capital Partners. His estimated assets are frequently speculated from hundreds of millions to over a billion. Foreign media and blogs write about the deep pockets of daddy.

The winner, who eventually withdrew and gave way to Daemen junior, offered $28 million. How much Joes Daemen paid for his sons space travel remains unclear, just like his wealth. Quote has never included Daemen senior in the Quote 500 and speaks of €95 million worth.

Aerospace travel

Both Daemen senior and junior have a fascination for flying. Dad has BVs to his name under the title Intospace, so outdated Quote, and 18-year-old Oliver already has private pilot training in Spain. As a child, the science fiction series Thunderbirds became fascinated by space, he says. And his mom? Thats stewardess.

Meanwhile, Oliver Daemens own star is rising. He has become world news since his flight and is also described in Polish, French and Spanish media in addition to the BBC, The New York Times and Daily Mail. Daemen completed the vwo last year and will begin a study of natural sciences in Utrecht next school year.


There is a lot of criticism of the space race between billionaires Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk.

While the United States are ravaged by forest fires, Canada is also struggling with it and flooding parts of Europe, flights emit enormous pollutants compared to regular aviation or car traffic, for example.