Ollongren: 1 billion for fast delivery 75,000 additional homes

Demissionary Minister Ollongren thinks that with Prinsjesdags extra money, 75,000 new homes can be delivered faster. It is EUR 1 billion, for which she proposes a global distribution in a letter to the House of Representatives.

EUR 500 million will be invested in removing obstacles to make 14 large-scale construction projects easier. These building sites are located in the Randstad and in and around a number of major cities, such as Groningen, Zwolle and the Brabant cities of Tilburg, Breda and Eindhoven.


Construction has already started in some cities, but there are still many bumps that can lead to delays. This could be old factories or companies, whose purchase or demolition is costly. Ollongren hopes that around 35,000 homes, which are also affordable, will be ready for occupation faster. By the way, it is not clear how it is going to distribute that 500 million across the cities.

Furthermore, from the extra Prinsjesdaggeld 250 million euros goes to the Housing Impulse, which allows 40,000 additional homes to be built throughout the country. And another 250 million is dedicated to teams of architectural specialists and bottlenecks such as the lack of staff at the Council of State causing delays in handling appeals.

Construction projects in the Netherlands are sometimes delayed as opponents of the construction plans raise legal objections to the Council of State.


On top of that EUR 1 billion, there will be a further 100 million euros to housing for the attention groups, such as homeless, students, the elderly and permits. They need affordable social rental housing, but they are in high demand. Ollongren does not make it clear how she wants to arrange shelter for this group.

There is now a housing shortage of 279,000 homes and housing distress continues to rise until 2025. The Minister stresses that building new homes requires a lot of time and that every effort has to be done so as not to be delayed. The billion for housing is spent over ten years.