Ollongren: vote for more days, but fewer proxies

Voters should always be able to vote for more days from now on. Thats what demissionary Minister Ollongren of Home Affairs thinks. Last March, people were able to vote in some polling stations as early as two days before the actual election date.

Then it was a corona measure, but Ollongren wants to make it possible by default. At the same time, the number of proxy votes a person can cast should be down from two to one.

Giving up voice secret

By reducing the number of proxies, the Minister responds to criticism from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). This is critical of the powers of proxies, because it requires a voter to give up his or her voice secret and there is a risk of recruitment.

According to Ollongren, research shows that two out of ten voters want to use early voting. Even nearly a third of the people aged 70 and over say they will use it.


The cost of early voting is estimated to be 11 to 13 million euros per election. The intention is to allow multi-day votes in the Provincial States elections in 2023.

The OSCE further argues that a judge should be able to rule on the validity of the election results. In the Netherlands, only representatives of the people can decide on this.

Ollongren wants to think about adapting that too, she writes in a response to an OSCE report, which was present with observers in March. The Minister will come up with a position on this next year.