Ollongren: Voting by letter logical and not complicated

People aged 70 and over who can vote by letter in the parliamentary elections receive a very clear explanation. This is what Minister Ollongren said this morning, following a small experiment in The Hague. Twelve elderly people issued a letter vote yesterday in The Hague, and according to Omroep West, this went quite a bit wrong.

Ollongren said that the system is not complicated and logical. People aged 70 and over are given the opportunity to vote by letter as well. They then have to put the ballot in an envelope and put that dense envelope together with the ballot card back in an envelope. There was obviously some confusion about that. The ballot card also needs to be signed, but if people do not, the vote is not invalid, stressed Ollongren.

The Minister underlined that the trial in The Hague was very small and that the Ministry itself carried out all sorts of tests.

According to OilonGren, the parties concerned get a good explanation of the procedure when they get the ballots sent home. They can also call a telephone number if they have any questions and there is also information via newspapers and television.