OM claims almost 27 years in appeal against tax assayer CS

In the appeal of Jawed S., who stabbed two American tourists at Amsterdam Central Station in 2018, the Public Prosecutor‘s Office has demanded 26 years and 8 months in prison. That demand corresponds to the sentence previously imposed by the court in Amsterdam.

โ€œ Why usโ€, according to the prosecution, is still the big question that torments the victims. He does not consider the apology S. made on the first day of the appeal to the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to be sincere. The prosecution demanded 25 years in court last year.

S. appealed because he thought the sentence was too high. He apologized for the first time, which was striking because he repeatedly stated that he would do it again. According to the state’s law, the questions of the court about the reasons for his regrets have not been given a convincing answer and, with his apologies, he would only want to get a lower sentence.

His lawyer said that S. started to think differently about his act after hearing the stories of the victims at the court hearing. โ€œThat got him thinking.โ€ She asked the court to take this with him in determining the punishment, as well as the fact that he was โ€œa young boyโ€ of 19 when he struck. The counsel called the punishment too high and asked the counsel to offer her client some perspective for the future.

The now 21-year-old S. came from Germany to Amsterdam and attacked the two randomly chosen victims – both 38 years old – out of anger over the cartoon competition of the prophet Mohammed, who had proclaimed PVV leader Geert Wilders. Shortly after the attack, a policeman shot S. The whole incident took place in 9 seconds. According to the D.A., the โ€œextraordinarily rapid actionโ€ of the police has prevented worse.

The Advocate General also wants to send out a signal with the punishment to prevent others from following his example. He referred to the Nice attack last week and the decapitation of the French teacher Samuel Paty. โ€œFreedom of expression is an unimaginably great asset that we must protect at all costs.โ€

During the second day of the appeal, the images were again shown showing how S. stabbed the American tourists with a large knife from scratch with force. The victims were signed for life, they said in a video statement. One of them will never be able to walk again. Also, the incident still has a major impact on the officer who shot S. The court previously imposed damages of 3 million euros.

The court will give its ruling on November 16.