OM claims tbs with coercive charges against suspected Hengelo family murder

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is charging tbs with coercion against a 27-year-old man suspected of killing his parents last year. Because, according to experts, the man was completely unaccountable during the act, justice does not demand a prison sentence.

The man is said to have killed his parents last October with a hammer or sledgehammer. He was arrested at a hospital in Doetinchem, after the bodies of his parents had been found in their home in Hengelo.

From a report of the Pieter Baan Centre it appears that during the act the suspect was in a very psychotic state that fully determined his behavioural choices, writes Omroep Gelderland. According to the OM, the suspect killed his parents, but there was no question of premeditation. “It was a desperate act driven by hallucinations”, according to the prosecution.


At the hearing, the defendant expressed regret for his actions. On the night in question he said he suffered from hallucinations. “It felt that night as if I was being taken over by something I wasn’t,” he stated in front of the judges. “I know I’ve done something terrible, but I’m not a bad person. I can only hope for forgiveness. My parents were nice people and they deserved better.”

During the hearing, the suspect’s brother and aunt also took the floor. “We lived in uncertainty for twelve years, but no one could help us. And I don’t understand why we had to live in uncertainty for so long and never got an answer to the question: what’s wrong with him? And now the Pieter Baan Centre suddenly turns out to be able to do that”, said the brother, who spoke critically about care institutions that examined the suspect earlier.

But the accused himself was also to blame, said his aunt in her victim statement. “You refused to take medication that you knew would help.”

The judge will rule in two weeks.