OM complains to NCTV about interfering with criminal cases

The National Coordinator Counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) interferes with the Public Prosecutor‘s Office when it comes to individual criminal cases, which is not the task of the NCTV. That’s what NRC writes after his own research. The Public Prosecutor has addressed the NCTV, confirms a spokesman for the National Prosecutor to DeccEit.

Among other things, NCTV urged the criminal prosecution of former director Sรถner Atasoy of the controversial Islamic Haga Lyceum, writes NRC. He would have been cheating with money, but the prosecution thought the amount was too small to start a case. Despite this, the NCTV continued to press the prosecution of the prosecution.

Officially, the NCTV is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security. As a director, Minister Grapperhaus is also responsible for the Public Attorney‘s Office, but may not interfere in the work of the Public Attorney’s Office unless he gives a so-called designation. In this way, it is clear that the Minister has dealt directly with a matter.

Sources within the investigating service and professor of state law Paul Bovend‘Et express the suspicion to the newspaper that the NCTV behaves like the long arm of Grapperhaus. Through the NCTV, he indirectly exerts pressure on the OA. Bovend’Et: โ€œThat‘s not transparent, that’s sneaky surgery. It opens the door to political interference.โ€

Keep Turkey a friend

NRC mentions more examples in which the NCTV, which claims to operate independently, would mainly implement the political wishes of the Ministry. Three times a year, the Threat Image of the NCTV appears, in which information from, among others, the Public Prosecutor, the AIVD and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is processed. In the Threat Picture, information would be censored for political reasons.

In 2016, a critical phrase about Turkey was removed, so as not to jeopardise the refugee deal with Erdogan. Analysts from the NCTV wanted to include in the report that Turkey allowed IS fighters to travel freely in and out of Syria, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs found that passage undesirable.

The NCTV has been under attack lately because of the M.O. NRC revealed that the NCTV tracks citizens through fake social media accounts and collects privacy-sensitive information. Experts say that there is no legal basis for this. The NCTV was created to coordinate exchange of information between government agencies on terrorist threats, De Tweede Kamer wanted clarification on the NCTV.