OM demands community service against owner biting dog Nieuwegein

The Public Prosecutors Office has demanded a community sentence of sixty hours against the owner of a Rottweiler. The dog bit on August 11 last year in a playground in a park in Nieuwegein three children, from 3, 4 and 6 years old. They had to be treated in the hospital for injuries to the occiput and face. The dog ran loose when it wasnt allowed to.

After the dog bit the three children, their father grabbed the animal in the neck. The owner was then able to leash the dog again. The woman refused to provide her records. The father rushed to the hospital with his children. The owner reported to the police a few days later, after a call in the media.

The police confiscated the dog. A study at Utrecht University found that the animal shows no positive behavior and rushes at humans and other dogs, resulting in potentially aggressive behaviour. The dog was then cut off by order of the prosecutor.

According to the prosecution, it is criminal to blame the owner for not having caused her dog to do nothing. She let go of the dog where it is not allowed and initially stayed at a distance without intervening, says the Peoples Prom. In addition, it is a big, strong dog who has not had any training in his upbringing.

The father and his children had to take therapy after the incident. In addition to community service, the prosecution wants the judge to grant a large part of the compensation requested by the family. The subdistrict court court judges on 11 December.