OM dismissed Gündogan case against Volt over libel and defamation

Nilüfer Gündogans report against her former political party Volt has been dismissed by the Public Prosecutors Office. The MP accused Volt party members of defamation and slander.

According to the Amsterdam Public Prosecutors Office, the dismissal has two reasons: a capacity problem with the public prosecutor and the police and the preference for a other way than the criminal road. A study requires a large number of people to be heard, and not enough people are available for that. A solution outside criminal law is also always preferable, says a spokesperson.

According to the AD, Gündogan was informed of the dismissal by the Public Prosecutor as early as June.

In February, the MP filed charges against the party, party leader Laurens Dassen and a number of party members. She did so after being expelled from the group after reports of cross-border behavior. A total of thirteen reports were made, ranging from handicrafts and unwanted sexual advances to harassment and abuse of her position. Gündogan denies these allegations.

Gündogan previously filed summary proceedings against the suspension. Volt lost that case but appealed. When that case occurs is not yet known.

The Member of Parliament now sits in the Chamber as a single group.