OM dismisses case around councillor Van Doorn who behaved ‘suspicious’ around Rutte

The Public Prosecutor has dismissed the case around The Hague councillor Arnoud van Doorn. He‘s no longer seen as a suspect.

Van Doorn was arrested by the Royal and Diplomatic Security Department (DKDB) on Sunday morning because he behaved โ€œsuspiciousโ€ in the eyes of the security guards near demissionary Prime Minister Rutte. The State then suspected him of an โ€œattempt to provide intelligence to prepare a serious crimeโ€. After a night in jail, Van Doorn was released again on Monday.

โ€œThe ensuing police and D.A. investigation showed nothing that supported the initial suspicion,โ€ the prosecutor said in a press release. The case against Van Doorn has therefore ended.

โ€œOn the Way to Motherโ€

Van Doorn’s lawyer Anis Boumanjal told deCCeit yesterday that Van Doorn was on his way to his mother to administer her cat medication on Sunday.

Because the caregiver was still working with his mother, Van Doorn decided to do some things in the area. He went to a grocery store, had a drink on a terrace and walked into a gym to inquire about subscription prices, the counsel said.

During the interrogation, Van Doorn was told, according to Boumanjal, that Rutte had also been at all three locations. Boumanjal felt that the DKDB had been โ€œshot into the crampโ€. According to the lawyer, Van Doorn was arrested on the basis of โ€œa gut feelingโ€. โ€œIf there‘s a serious threat going on, you don’t release someone the next day.โ€

Heavy security

Van Doorn was previously on the board for the PVV, but that party broke with him in 2011 and converted to Islam in 2012. Now he is the group chairman of the Hague Party of the Unity,

Earlier this week it was announced that Prime Minister Rutte has received heavy security because he is being threatened.