Ombudsman: Government has to do its utmost to restore trust

The government will have to work hard to regain the confidence of the Dutch citizen. Officials need to rerealize who they are doing the job for. โ€œThe citizen has become out of sight and that has to be returned,โ€ says National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen after a conversation with Informer Herman Tjeenk Willink.

The Ombudsman thinks it will take some time before the confidence returns. โ€œThat trust will only come when you have shown yourself trustworthy.โ€

Van Zutphen told the informer that too much has happened during the payment affair, but also for people who have problems in health care or debt. โ€œThe government has to do what it says, in a fair way.โ€

Governance culture

Informer Tjeenk Willink looks at how the cabinet simpasse can be broken. He also looks at the plans to introduce a different governance culture. Last Thursday and Friday, he spoke with the leaders of all political parties. Today, in addition to the National Ombudsman, Kim Putters, the director of the Social and Cultural Planning Agency, was invited.

At the

end of his conversation at the beginning of the afternoon, Putters said that the discussion about a new culture of governance should not only be about โ€œthe political arenaโ€, but also about the relationship between society and politics. He stressed that the discussion about the mutual trust of politicians cannot be separated from citizens‘ trust in politics.

The discussion covered, among other things, the question of whether people can still find their way through the systems of care, pensions and social security. According to Putters, citizens often find it difficult to understand all the rules. โ€œPolitics and society have an interest in good dialogue with each other,โ€ he said.

Putters pointed out that we are now in a crisis and that it puts the ‘magnifying glass on important issues in health care, education and economy‘. He believes that the political parties should already consider what to do in the longer term in order to get out of the crisis.

Hammer (SER) visiting

In the next few days, Tjeenk Willink will continue with his receipts. Tomorrow Mariรซtte Hamer, the chairman of the Social Economic Council (SER), will visit. The SER is the consultative body between employers, trade unions and the government.

On Thursday, the informer will hold a joint conversation with three demissionary ministers: Hoekstra van Financiรซn, Kooltit van Sociale Zelen and Van’t Wout van Economische zaken.