Ombudsman: Register me now!

Marsha* buys a bungalow years ago. After her retirement, the plan is to be able to divide her time between the Netherlands, travel distant and visiting family in her native country. When it finally comes to that, she seems to be unable to stay in the bungalow after her retirement. Because she is no longer bound by the Netherlands by her work. And permanent living in the bungalow also is not allowed. The municipality threatens with high fines. Marsha gets Spanish stuffy.

She explains to the municipality that she only uses the bungalow for a few months a year. And that she needs an address to run her health insurance and pay taxes. But the congregation is really strict. It can‘t be. Marsha is advised to arrange a letter address at another municipality.

She’s trying to do that in the congregation where she lived for years.

But there, too, she gets zero on the rack.


can only do that if she doesn‘t have a home address. And she did say that municipality, namely the bungalow.

I can’t believe it. She will not be registered in the Netherlands at all! The congregation says that she should register in her homeland. That can‘t be true, can it? She has Dutch nationality.

What a hassle. Marsha really does not understand what the problem is now, but does not get the opportunity at all to explain her situation properly. She continues to keep a bond with the Netherlands and can also show exactly when and how long she is staying in the bungalow. There’s got to be a solution. Marsha doesn‘t remember. She’s calling our associate Leonie. He asks the municipality to take a closer look at her situation.

Negative spiral

We regularly receive complaints from people who cannot register in the Basic Registration Persons (BRP) of the municipality.

As a result, they get into big problems and miss out on facilities. Which allows people to end up in a negative spiral.

It is therefore very important that municipalities ask questions and have a good overview of the individual situation. So that a suitable solution is found.

How it ended with Marsha? She didn‘t call Leonie much later to say thank you. She may eventually be registered in the municipality of her bungalow.

I’m glad the congregation and Marsha have come out after all. Everyone must be able to register in a municipality!

*Figged name