OMT advises: education open, hospitality and non-essential shops closed 5pm

The Outbreak Management Team has advised the cabinet to keep the entire education open. That‘s what sources say to deCCeit.

The OMT also believes that restaurants and cafes, non-essential shops and ‘flow places‘ should close by 5 pm. Two weeks ago, the cabinet already moved the closing time of hospitality and essential shops to 8 pm, other stores have to close at 6 pm.

The outgoing cabinet had asked for an early OMT advice due to the increase in the number of infections and hospitalizations. Whether the cabinet adopts the advice is not yet clear.

Other sectors

Although there are many infections in schools, the OMT believes that everything should be done to not close them. Earlier this week, the OMT pointed out โ€œincreasing scientific evidence for damage to child development if they lack social school contacts and educationโ€.

The advice applies to both primary and secondary schools as well as secondary vocational education, universities and colleges. The cabinet should first look in other sectors what can happen to reduce the number of infections. For this, among other things, the hospitality industry and shops are mentioned. Flow locations include museums and fairs, for example.

โ€œNeed strong measuresโ€

There are several consultations again today. The most involved ministers first spoke at the Binnenhof with their permanent advisors, including infectious diseases director Van Dissel of the RIVM and National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security Aalbersberg. Afterwards, the missionary minister De Jonge said that there is no doubt that strong measures are needed.

He didn’t want to prejudge which ones are. He did acknowledge that the OMT advises taking measures. According to De Jonge, there should be โ€œreally a reversalโ€ in the numbers. De Jonge added that the cabinet must weigh in all measures whether they help and how much damage they cause. โ€œThat‘s a huge dilemma. We have to make a choice in that, but we do need a day for that.โ€

There is now also deliberation on the Catshuis. Tomorrow, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will be giving another press conference. That’s a week earlier than planned.