OMT: eases at the earliest in March if hospitalizations do not fall faster

It will take a while before the pressure on care has fallen sufficiently to ease the corona measures. This is what the experts of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) write to the cabinet in their 95th advice. If it continues at the current rate, the threshold of forty hospital and ten ic admissions per day has been reached in early March, and may take even longer due to the flu season.

The number of hospitalizations and intensive care units has stabilised in recent weeks. This week there was a decline. But we are far from here, says the OMT. There are still about as many beds as a few weeks ago. And the R number has fallen below 1, to 0.95, which means 100 people together infect 95 others. But there are still a lot of infections.

In addition, the British variant of the coronavirus is starting to gain a foothold in the Netherlands. That variant spreads much faster. The OMT writes to the Cabinet that there are now about a hundred positive tests with the British variant, a large part of which are in Lansingerland. It seems that teachers gave it to children there.

The OMT plans to find out more about the British variant soon and in two weeks time it wants to reassess whether schools and childcare can be reopened.