OMT looks at cabinets request on fireworks ban

The cabinet has asked the OMT whether it is necessary in connection with corona to announce another fireworks ban this year. It wants to know that, because people who are injured can put an extra pressure for care, sources in The Hague report.

The Outbreak Management Team is meeting today to discuss advice to the cabinet on additional measures. Tomorrow, there will be consultations between, among others, RIVM director Van Dissel and the most involved directors. It is expected that Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will be giving another press conference on Friday evening.

Fewer accidents

Last Tuesday, there was also a press conference. The measures that were announced at the time, such as wearing a face mask in stores, went into effect last Saturday.

Last year, a fireworks ban also applied. Events were also banned back then. Mayor Bruls van Nijmegen, who is also chairman of the Security Council, said that this had been good, because there were far fewer accidents. He called on the cabinet to introduce a fireworks ban this year as well.