Omtzigt focuses on governance culture, housing distress and lifecycle

Former CDA artist Pieter Omtzigt wants to focus on three themes on his return to the House of Representatives: a new culture of governance, housing distress and security of existence for all. That‘s what he says in an interview with the AD. He also wants a Constitutional Court where MPs can claim cabinet pieces.

The plans Omtzigt comes up with were already in his book A new social contract, from earlier this year. In it he stated that there is much wrong with the system of power and counterforce in the Netherlands. โ€œThat hasn’t gotten better in the past few months.โ€

Yesterday it was announced that Omtzigt excludes a return to the CDA. Next week he returns as a one-man group in the Chamber, after spending months at home burnout.

Buying away minister

According to Omtzigt, the governance culture needs to change because the focus in The Hague is completely wrong at the moment. As an example, he mentions the duped parents from the surcharge affair, who hit a close door everywhere.

โ€œWhile the energy sector receives billions in funding and succeeds in buying a minister away from the cabinet,โ€ says Omtzigt in the AD, referring to the stepped up minister Van Nieuwenhuizen who is working as a lobbyist for the energy sector.

Political reporters Nynke de Zoete and Jorn Jonker van Nieuwsuur are more likely to list what has been happening behind the scenes at the CDA in recent years. What went wrong? And how did Pieter Omtzigt become the most talked about man of the Binnenhof?

Omtzigt has said it has spent years in vain trying to get pieces from the cabinet, while a Member of Parliament should just get it. A new Constitutional Court should be required to claim those documents. โ€œIt‘s a defeat that I have to say that right now,โ€ he says.

The MP presents his plans on the eve of the CDA Congress, this Saturday. Members wanted to make another attempt to keep Omtzigt for the party, but that door has now been closed by Omtzigt himself.

Several CDA members are disappointed in Omtzigt’s position, such as former MP Chris van Dam, the chairman of the parliamentary committee who investigated the payment affair: