Omtzigt responds to Rutte: willing to talk, but we cant do that now

CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt says his recovery is slower than he hoped. According to him, its โ€œbecause of the ongoing flow of things around my person.โ€

The member of the Chamber from Enschede has been sick at home for some time, and was also not active on social media during the past period. He responded last night on Twitter to a broadcast by Nieuwsuur, in which VVD-leader Rutte said that he will soon have a personal conversation with Omtzigt. Rutte said he mainly wants to know where Omtzigts anger is.

Omtzigt says there was a text contact, and Rutte wanted to meet next Friday. โ€œI replied that I am always willing to have a conversation, but I am not able to make this kind of conversation right now,โ€ writes Omtzigt on Twitter. He also writes that he hasnt tweeted for a while, โ€œbecause Im really trying to get some rest, especially on social mediaโ€.

According to political reporter Xander van der Wulp, it is essential that the trust between Rutte and Omtzigt will be restored.

โ€œ The position of the CDA is crucial,โ€ he said in the CCEIT News. โ€œThis party seems indispensable for the VVD for a majority cabinet Rutte IV. But the situation in the cabinet formation remains very complicated for the time being. Omtzigt may not be there for the time being, and that conversation between Rutte and Omtzigt seems to have to take place first, before really significant steps can be taken in the cabinet formation again.โ€

โ€œFunction elsewhereโ€

In the leaked notes of scout Ollongren it appeared that there had been talk of a โ€œfunction elsewhereโ€ for Omtzigt, who received more than 342,000 votes in the last parliamentary elections. Later it turned out that it was Rutte who raised the position of the Member of the Chamber, although at first he could not remember that.

Moreover, it appeared from released minutes of the Council of Ministers that administrators complained about critical MPs such as Omtzigt, and that Rutte went along with it.

Support within Party

Yesterday, a tour of DeccEit among dozens of CDA divisions showed that a part of the CDA constituency believes that the CDA should do everything in its power to keep Omtzigt with the party, but that ruling with Mark Rutte should not be ruled out at the same time.

Most departments said they didnt sign a fire letter from two weeks ago, in which 20 departments wrote that the CDA should no longer rule with Rutte. Local CDA politicians believe that efforts should be made to restore confidence.

Initiates within the CDA said that the party summit is working on a solution and had โ€œgood conversationsโ€ with Omtzigt. Many departments also said they have a huge appreciation for Omtzigt, because of his tenacious and good work.