On Friday the 13th: The Game were about to add an Among Us style mode

Wes Keltner, founder and president of Gun Media and one of the creators of the online horror show Friday the 13th, spoke about what the game team was going to do — but the ideas remained the idea. For example, developers were preparing a set of Suits of the Slumber Party for a pajamas party. Keltner even set up a real 1800 phone number that would work as an automatic sex line: consultants had pre-written lyrics for it in the style of silly commercials from the 1980s and 1990s years.

But the idea was recognized as “commercially viable” . The developers planned an extension of the Prom Pack, which would allow for the Crystal Lake camp a prom evening with tuxedos, ball gowns, dancing and punch.

They thought to make a birdwatcher punch bowl, but then “gave it” to Jason for one of his accomplishments. Finally, Paranoia game mode, reminiscent of Among Us.

The game would have started without a villain, but players could find a mask and turn into Jason. At the same time, they would have to hide in closets and pantries to change clothes, and if the mask wearer was killed in a “peaceful” mode, he would be wearing a mask and could pick it other.

All these ideas never saw the light. As we remember, the fault of this was the legal battle between the game‘s creators and Victor Miller, the screenwriter of “Friday, the 13th”.

Then the developers said that new content could not be developed from now on. I think enough time has passed for you to talk about it.

I know reading this will be interesting and bitter. Someone will get distressed, someone will decide that the ideas are great, someone will get angry.

I understand that anger, I feel it too. But I wish all of you knew: we loved this film series and this game.

We had big plans. And we thought our ideas would show you fun, interesting and worthwhile.

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