On January 20, Stadia will have an ambitious feature โ€” interactive saves

Two years ago, Google at the Stadia presentation was showing an ambitious feature that allowed interactive saves to be shared via the link. January 20 with the release of HITMAN III opportunity called State Share will finally add to the service. โ€œState Share allows you to remove the unique state of the game – a playable segment – which can be shared by link.

Each State Share enabled game will include states with different gameplay elements, including items, difficulty level and objects. โ€ Google is sure that the feature will come in handy as normal players who can give friends a chance to try the game or certain equipment, and streamers, so they can interact with the audience.

Presentation of State Share with GDC 2019Until the only game with State Share support will be HITMAN III, but in the future Google plans to expand the list of projects. More on CCeit Squadron 51 took out on Kickstarter and will release this year Heroes Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will be able to ride the wolves โ€œMeat, Blood and Fatalityโ€: the first footage and details of the new film by Mortal Kombat.