On September 5, it becomes clear who will succeed Johnson as leader Tories.

On September 5, the British Conservative Party announces who will succeed Boris Johnson as leader and thus as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The so-called 1922 committee, which sets the time frame for the leadership race, announced the rules of the game today.

โ€œWe need a lot of time before we can announce the results,โ€ said committee chairman Graham Brady. There is a need for some haste in finding the new leader. Not just because of the high cost of living for the British that needs to be taken action from 10 Downing Street. Also because of the inconvenience that Johnson wants to stay on as acting prime minister until a new leader is elected.

At the moment, eleven Conservative MPs have said they want to become party leaders. Among them, Minister Liz Truss of Foreign Affairs, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, current Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi, Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt for Trade, Minister for Equality of Opportunity Kemi Badenoch and former Health Ministers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt. New potential leaders must sign up by tomorrow.

Here are some familiar faces:

In order to participate in the waste race, a candidate must be supported by at least twenty Conservative MPs. The vote for this round will take place on Wednesday. It is expected that a significant part of the candidates will lose weight by then.

The remaining candidates will have to win at least thirty votes in the next round, on Thursday. After that, with the least support of the MPs, the candidate always falls off until two remain. The party hopes that the first rounds will be ready before the start of the summer recess on July 21.

Of the two remaining candidates, all members of the Conservatives will then be allowed to decide who wins. Around 200,000 members across the country will be allowed to vote by letter this summer.


It is already clear that the contenders will have to distinguish themselves from Sunak, who has already managed to rally behind more than thirty MPs. Although he is a good contender, his name also has an integrity affair. As a result, his wife, who is not a resident of the UK, managed to evade millions in taxes when he actually increased tax rates.

Last Thursday, affair-plagued Johnson announced his departure as leader of the Tories. He did so after a record number of government members withdrew.

This is how Johnson announced his departure: