On the fresh footage of Horizon Forbidden West, you can see a new robot and location

Game Informer shared exclusive footage of Horizon Forbidden West, where you can see one of the locations and the new robot. Journalists also shared the context (carefully, possible spoilers!). The location in the photo is a new area called Daunt, which is a canyon and is located on the eastern edge of the House of the Sun.

mechanics. It will also be Aloys last stop before she begins her journey to the Forbidden West.

They also showed a new robot, The Burrower, a reconnaissance vehicle that can build underground tunnels and appear on the surface in unexpected places. Sensing danger, The Burrower makes a high-frequency sound, stunning foes and summons allies.

And these robots โ€œlook a lot like otters and weasels โ€” just as flexible, fast and ferocious. โ€ Recall that Game Informer not only placed Horizon Forbidden West on the the cover of its latest issue, but also released news material based on two demos and a conversation with developers.

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