On the way to promotion with Roda JC: Quickly return to Eredivisie, that cant be different

The regular season of the Kitchen Champion Division is over and with FC Emmen and FC Volendam, the Eredivisie will already receive two new acquisitions next season. In addition, perhaps a third team from the Kitchen Champion Division will be added. Football first looks ahead of the season tour with all six clubs that want to promote from the post-competition and now its the turn of Roda JC and local lad Daryl Werker.
Just a quiz question. Which club finished in the 1994/1995 season in second place behind upcoming world champion and Champions League winner Ajax and garnered praise by tying 1-1 twice against the success formation of trainer Louis van Gaal? You guessed it: Roda JC. Teams came to the illustrious Kaalheide with their knees to be played in a heap by the players of Huub Stevens, who came out more often than not in a European context in the nineties.
How different is that in 2022: For a few years now, the Koempelclub has been playing on the second level and is trying to secure a spot in the highest football league in the Netherlands through the playoffs. This season, another attempt follows and Daryl Werker, child of the club, hopes that it will now fall on Roda
s side. โ€œWe have had a stable and good season and are going into the post-competition feeling good,โ€ he says. โ€œWith that, we have achieved our goal, but we are certainly not done yet. If youre in the playoffs, you also want to promote and were going full for that.โ€
However, worker knows better than anyone that the games in the post-competition are always on their own. He already saved Roda from relegation by heading the decisive goal against MVV in the playoff final and played for promotion on behalf of the last club, when they lost to De Graafschap in 2016. โ€œI have experienced for myself that all 38 games that have already been played no longer matter. The ball will have to fall well and the team that wants to promote needs the necessary luck. Lets hope we will be.โ€

The Limburgers placed themselves under trainer Jurgen Streppel not with luck, but with good football and a stable rear guard for the playoffs. โ€œWe want to play a recognizable type of football and have also shown against the top-ranked teams in the league that we still rely on our own offensive power. We wont collapse anytime soon, against whoever it is. The fact that we continue to promote our own identity and strength will also be the most important thing in the playoffs. It must show how far that will take us.โ€
Every year in the Kitchen Champion Division, there is one too many for Roda. Worker feels his club is ready to go home again. โ€œRoda has played continuously in the Eredivisie for a long time, is still very high in the eternal rankings and has a rank and stadium that belong at the highest level,โ€ he sums up. โ€œAll the preconditions are there and now its up to us to show it. Preferably as soon as possible, so this year, but if it doesnt work out now, it cant possibly last long. Roda will soon be back in the Eredivisie, there is no other way.โ€
The playoffs will be over two games again this season, unlike last year. Roda flows in the first round and plays against Excelsior. On May 10, the Limburgers play out and four days later the home game follows. If the Koempel Club wins that diptych, it hits the number sixteen of the Premier League. In the final, Roda JC would be able to encounter De Graafschap, FC Eindhoven, NAC Breda and ADO The Hague.