“On vacation, I was informed: we are going to present Yilmaz tomorrow. Very special”

Sjors Ultee was pleasantly surprised at his vacation address when he learned that Fortuna Sittard had managed to sign Burak Yilmaz. The trainer is looking forward to working with the Turkish striker.
Ultee was first told at the end of May that Yilmaz was seriously in the picture, although it was still unclear how realistic the attacker actually attracted was. Last Monday I was informed on vacation: We are going to present him tomorrow. Very special, says the practice master to Football International. Seeing footage of Yilmaz, Ultee came to the conclusion that the 36-year-old striker would be an asset to every club in the Netherlands. In your head, as a trainer, you immediately start thinking.
Stick to 4-3-3, or with Yilmaz to two strikers? , Ultee wonders out loud. With whom would he form the best tandem? We lost Zian Flemming (sold to Millwall, ed.), how do we catch that? It will be another fascinating puzzle. Yilmaz will report to Sittard in mid-July. Ultee gives the Turk the opportunity to speak out about the way they play. Yilmaz is out of category, for sure, says Ultee.
Above all, I find it a very nice challenge to work with him. To manage that process properly. Top athletes are always special, never boring, have their own instructions for use. That makes them interesting. And of course, Yilmaz will be able to join in, with his track record, he can be a good counselor.