Onana deals with ‘bullsh’: ‘I can’t and don’t want to defend against that’

Andre Onana doesnt want to respond to all the bullshit said about him. The Ajax goalkeeper would knowingly not want to renew his contract at the Johan Cruijff Arena, but it hurts him to be suggested.
In an exclusive interview with De Cceit, Onana already indicated that signing up is still an option and the stories that circulate about him are not true. โ€œI
ve heard and read so much bullsh,โ€ he says. โ€œI cant and dont want to defend myself against that. God knows what its about. I have always given my whole soul and salvation and will continue to do so as soon as Erik ten Hag calls on me.โ€
Ajax fans don
t have to worry about that. If the goalie has to play, everything will be fine. โ€œIf the team needs me, Ill be there. I was born ready. I am very grateful to Ajax for the development I was able to go through and the fact that I was able to show myself to the world. Marc Overmars picked me up transferfree from FC Barcelona with the promise that Ajax would give me opportunities and get ready for the top. I trusted him and he kept his word.โ€