Onana understands angry Ajax supporters and announces departure: “A fresh start”

Andre Onana is going to leave Ajax permanently. After the game against Besiktas, the goalkeeper will know that it is better for him to leave.
Onana has been playing at Ajax for over six years and now finds it time to spread his wings. Many Ajax supporters are angry because he doesnt want to renew his contract, while he is suspended and Ajax has supported him all along. Of course, I understand that, Onana tells RTL7.
How am I going to say this? When you open a door, you should close it again one day. Maybe the time has come for me to leave. I did my best for this club, I did everything. We
ve accomplished a lot and when I look at the photos of the year of the Europa League: I think Im the only one whos still there.
Sometimes I say to myself: wow, that was a great season. But especially after what has happened now, its good to make a fresh start and look ahead. Im happy to be here but it hasnt been easy either so I want to close this chapter now and look further. Well see whats going to happen, says Onana.