Onanas contract expired in 2022 could be a weapon for Ajax at the CAS

Ajax-watcher Mike Verweij believes that Ajax will bring the contract of Andre Onana to the Court of Arbitration and Sport (CAS) which will expire in the summer of 2022, in order to enforce a reduction in the penalty. Verweij thinks it matters a lot whether the 12-month suspension stays or not.

Verweij thinks that Ajax has a reasonable chance with the appeal, as he says in a video of De Cceit. โ€œThey estimate the odds fairly wellโ€, begins Verweij. โ€œThat the punishment will at least be reduced to eight months. That will already be a profit, then Onana will be able to go back to September. When the new Champions League season begins.โ€
It is important for Ajax to reduce the current 12-month sentence, because Onanas contract expires in the summer of 2022. The 12-month suspension expires in February, allowing the Cat from Cameroon to talk to other clubs before that. Ajax could already extend the contract of Onana, but Verweij does not think that Ajax is in the mood for that.
โ€œThey want to be able to say in the case at the CAS: we are employers. There
s nothing we can do about our employee taking the wrong pill. It would be a very severe punishment if Onana was suspended for 12 months. Then you wont be able to have your goalkeeper for 12 months, a goalkeeper who is currently worth about 30 million euros. It could then run away for zero euros.โ€
Ajax could force Onana to pay compensation, Verweij thinks. After doping, Adrian Mutu finally had to pay 17 million euros to Chelsea. โ€œIt could be, but I don
t think its going to come to that,โ€ Verweij continues. โ€œIt could be a weapon for Ajax, that they say to the CAS: bring it back to eight months, so we can talk to him about a contract extension in September and we can sell it in winter.โ€