Once again hundreds of residents evacuated La Palma due to lava flows

More than 700 inhabitants of the Spanish island of La Palma today were told to leave their homes due to lava flows that are getting closer and closer. A total of 6700 of the 83,000 islanders have now been evacuated.

โ€œThe lava is slowly approaching. People still have time to bring their documents, personal property and everything of value,โ€ says Miguel Angel Morcuende, Technical Director of Pevolca, the agency that supervises the evacuations.

Residents do everything they can to save their belongings:

Yesterday, more than 3,000 residents of El Paso and Los Llanos de Adriane were not allowed to leave their homes because of the smoke in their region. It came from a cement factory that caught fire by the lava flow and was destroyed. Today that lockdown was lifted.

New lava flows

On the Canary Island, new lava flows emerged on Saturday as part of the Cumbre Vieja volcano chain collapsed. The volcano has been active for more than three weeks. More than a thousand buildings have been destroyed by lava flows and more than 150 hectares of farmland have been destroyed. So far, there have been no casualties.

The volcanic eruptions were again accompanied by earthquakes today. The toughest had a power of 4.1.