Once Sony Santa Monica was taking a Six Days in Fallujah shooter

As part of an interview with creative head of Days Gone John Garvin, game designer and creator of God of War and Twisted Metal series David Jaffe said that Sony Santa Monica studio was engaged in development shooter Six Days in Fallujah. Garvin confirmed this information as he was at a meeting where the project was given a green light. โ€œAnd every time this game started to really become something that they wanted, a real look at war, the companies kind of said, โ€œThank you, but no,โ€ โ€” Yaffe.

Garvin said that this is a complex project, the development of which in the current climate is similar to walking on a minepole. Recall that originally the publisher of Six Days in Fallujah acted Konami, however back in 2009, the company canceled the project due to criticism from the British military and non-core media.

This year the project was revived. The publisher was Victura, founded by an Atomic Games executive who worked on the original shooter.

The development is responsible for the development studio Highwire Games, founded by Bungie. At the same time, the new version was at the center of the same scandal.

The Muslim civil rights group in the US has already asked Valve, Sony and Microsoft not to release the shooter on their playgrounds. The release date of the new Six Days in Fallujah is not yet known.

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