“Once, twice and all of a sudden I realized: now I go to the casino every day

Kenji Gorré went through Manchester Uniteds youth education, but never reached the first team and later played professional football on behalf of Swansea City and ADO Den Haag, among others. The son of ex-pro and Suriname coach Dean Gorré will never forget his bad news talk with Sir Alex Ferguson.
The legendary former manager of Manchester United turned out to be golden and said that Gorré probably wouldn
t make it to the first team. Kenji, I could give you a contract now, he said. But I dont think it would be good for you. You have to play with your qualities and I cant guarantee that it will happen here, quotes Gorré de Schot in an interview with Voetbal International. If I look back on it now, its one of the best things that ever happened to me.
s six-time international decided to seek its salvation at Swansea City and was allowed to play one Premier League game there. He thanks Ferguson for his sincerity. He allowed me to make my Premier League debut at Swansea later. Other guys chose the contract, never debuted and are no longer a football player. If you look at it like that, it was a blessing.
Gambling Addict Gorré moved his field to the Portuguese fields — last season he was active for Nacional Madeira — and set up the platform On The Ball. Through podcasts with other pros, he wants to warn others about the lure of pros. Gorré himself was a gambling addict for some time. At that time, I was alone in Swansea and thought, what can I do with my time? I didnt know how to deal with my emotions. From that moment on, I started gambling.
Gorré fell for the tension of the roulette table. I went once, then twice and suddenly I realized: wait a minute, nowadays I go every day, he looks back. I always went with a few teammates after training. Let
s go, we had nothing else to do anyway. It wasnt about thousands of pounds every day, but I lost a hundred times here and then another two hundred there. However, his girlfriend and present wife helped him get rid of his addiction. We had been together for six years and at that moment I started to wonder: Kenji, what do you really want in life? I no longer wanted to be the person I was at the time.