‘One and a half years of ouwehoeren, for the stage: shame for Dutch football’

Former Excelsior trainer Ricardo Moniz reacted with horror to the conclusion of the investigation into the events during the match against FC Den Bosch in 2019, that Kitchen Champion Division Duel became world news: Excelsior attacker Ahmad Mendes Moreira stepped off the field after he was racist by a few spectators.
However, the suspects in the case go free, as it turns out one and a half years later: this week it became clear that the Public Prosecutors Office was unable to find any evidence. โ€œOne and a half years of ouwehoeren, for the stageโ€, Moniz fights in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œThis is an absolute disgrace for the Netherlands and Dutch football.โ€
Moniz finds it inexplicable that a case of such a large size has ended with a sisser. โ€œThe bureaucracy shows that this has lasted for a year and a half at all. You could have investigated this in a week, right?โ€ , tells the currently club-less trainer, who also focuses his arrows on Prime Minister Mark Rutte. โ€œHe took the picture with
my player (Mendes Moreira, red.), but does nothing now. The moment he accepts this, the impure system is maintained. Not only football, but even society as a whole suffers from this.โ€

What footballer Mendes Moreira experienced is a defeat for our society. Say โ€œstop โ€œif you see racism. Referee Laurens (middle) does that and is an example. Racism really has to get off the fields now. @KNVB and government are going to join together. pic.twitter.com/Gnecvtifp7
โ€” Ferd Grapperhaus (@ferdgrapperhaus) November 28, 2019