One half meter measure back in secondary schools

Pupils in secondary schools have to keep one and a half meters away from each other. Now students have to keep one and a half meters away from teachers, but not from each other.

Incidentally, the lockdown for secondary education will remain valid until 9 February. The other half meter measure therefore applies only to the exam classes, vulnerable pupils and pupils in practical education. They‘re just going to school right now.

The one-half meter measure in secondary education was released in the summer on the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). But last week OMT member and pediatrician Karรณly Illy told Nieuwsuur that the idea that these students play a limited role in the transfer of corona is โ€œa mistakeโ€. Since then, the OMT advice has also been tightened up.

It will be decided in three weeks’ time whether the measure will continue to apply. This depends, among other things, on the study of the British variant of the virus.