One hundred cars involved in massive pile-crashing due to smoothness

In Texas, according to local police, a pileup killed three people on Thursday, CNN reports. The crash took place on the road 35W in the city of Fort Worth. According to the local fire department, several people have got stuck in their cars.

, We can confirm that there are several cars involved and at least three fatalities,โ€ says police officer Daniel Segara to the American news medium. He adds that due to the bad weather, the slippery roads may have played a role in the cause of the collision.

The roads in the area are now closed, reports the Fort Worth Police Department on Twitter. Fort Worths weather channel emphasizes that motorists should remain cautious in these weather conditions. ,, It is because of the ice on the road enormously dangerous. Try to drive quietly, because conditions can skip from good to dangerous by state.โ€