One more goal for top scorer Van Beek: Bad luck, thats all I can make of it

Willem II defender Sven van Beek took an Eredivisie record against FC Utrecht on Saturday night that he would have preferred not to catch: 26-year-old Gouwenaar made the seventh goal in his Eredivisie career and is now leading the ranking on his own. The rented Feyenoorder, however, shrugs his shoulders, he tells ESPN.
Van Beek comes to a simple conclusion after reviewing the images, showing that he is heading a corner of Adam Maher for his own purpose. โ€œI saw that those two (Sebastian Holmรฉn and Wesley Spieringhs, red.) could not win the duel. I wanted to help and… Wrong. Simpleโ€, it sounds. โ€œLook, if you don‘t get into the duel, they’ll say something. And now he just falls unhappy again.โ€

Just before rest, it becomes 2-0 for FC Utrecht by Sven van Beek‘s own goal. He’s seventh again, making him the player with the most of his own goals in the Eredivisie ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ“บ ESPN2 #๏ธ #utrwil
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 1, 2021

It is already his seventh goal in eight years Eredivisie. โ€œI know, it‘s seven times in a row for me,โ€ says Van Beek, who doesn’t want to be too busy with it. โ€œIt‘s nice TV, but I don’t care very much. Is it gonna make me wake up? No, certainly not.โ€ The defender can‘t find any explanations himself. โ€œI wish I could. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it, of course… It‘s bad luck. I can’t make more of it than that. It happens, I keep positive in it.โ€

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