One of Hadess most malicious bosses had to become protagonist

The Hades role-playing bagel became one of the most popular games of last year, the game earned not only excellent sales, but also a lot of awards — including the LGBTQ community Gayming Magazine. But as it turned out, she could become completely different. Supergiant co-founder Amir Rao admitted in a discussion at Clubhouse that from the beginning the studio planned to make a game about Theseus, who is chosen from the maze in Crete, and it was to be called Minos.

At the same time, each passage was to be a new retelling of the myth of Theseus and the Minotavre. With this protagonist there were problems: how Theseus he looked too “typical” and faceless.

And when he began to add special features, he ceased to be perceived as a hero of a famous myth. And then creative director Greg Kasavin suggested another protagonist: the son of Hades, who tries to break out of his father.

As Kasavin observed, we don‘t know much about the world of Hades, the ancient Greeks as if we were afraid to tell him in detail. He suggested: what if we just don’t know something, such as that Hades has a son? And the story, filed from a different angle, turned out to be much more interesting and promising.

As for Theseus, he made a single-minded but smug boss who listens to no one. Not the most pleasant personality traits quite correspond to an ancient myth: he throws Ariadne who saved him, and because of his carelessness, his father dies.

However, the developers managed to bring into the image something genuine and sincere: friendship with Minotaure-Asterius. More on Gambling Undisguised soulfulness: in Lucid Soul we will be shown the way of the mad villain In the classic World of Warcraft players start all over again Bandai Namco is going to hold Tales of Festival 2021 live.