One of the authors of the Venoma 2 story was Tom Hardy himself

Venoma 2 screenwriter Kelly Marsel (Cruela) said that the story of the sequel she developed with Tom Hardy. Marsel has been working with Hardy for many years, however the actor will get a mention in the credits for the first time in connection with the plot of the film — as one of the authors of the ideas. According to Marsel, the actor is always extremely involved in the production process of his projects, but this will be the case for him in a novelty.

Marcel even joked that the actor is practically married to Venom, because he is constantly thinking about the future of the character and trying to participate in its formation. This was also going on during the process of developing a sequel — Hardy and Marsel spent months discussing the plot of the future film , breaking down different ideas.

After that, Marsel put them together into one script, which took a further three months. The film will premiere in Russian cinemas on September 16.

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