One of the themes of the series on “Alien” will be class inequality

Alien showrunner Noah Hawley (Fargo) revealed some details of the upcoming project, which will be released on FX. As it was previously known, the project will take place The Earth of the future, and Ripley will not be in the plot. According to Hawley, many stories in the universe told of characters locked in certain conditions with a monster.

He is interested in a version in which danger breaks outside one notional location. In addition, in the originals, the author likes the theme of man trapped — on the one hand, his haunted by ancient horror, on the other, the danger of the future, that is androids.

And heroes have no way out but to solve these problems. Another topic will be class inequality, which has never been solved.

Hawley noted that films often tell of characters in ordinary professions being sent on deadly assignments by huge corporations. And this time, viewers will be shown their superiors, who are likely to be burnt out.

Earlier Hawley mentioned that the series will demonstrate how humanity manifests the worst traits amid dangerous. Now the author has written the script for two episodes, with production of the series due to start sometime next spring.

He said that working on a project with a lot of visual effects requires preparation, and he doesn‘t want to rush — especially as many studios are now trying to make up the flow content that dried up during the pandemic. More on Iromania New Miles Morales Patch on PS5 Improved Ratings The Viking Author is working on a series about the blockade of Leningrad In Dead by Daylight in honor of the game’s 5th anniversary.