One Papetura developers hand-held adventure aired on Steam

For seven years, Krakow single game designer Tomasz Ostafin, known as Petums, toiled on playing Papetura. And the author literally worked manually: everything we see on the screen was cut out of paper, glued and shot with the help of stop frames. Today Papetura came out on Steam and GOOG.

The game for a week can be bought with a release discount, for just 260 rubles. The main character of the game, paper creature Pape, goes to a flower prison.

Escaping from there, he meets the magical tall Tura. Together, they decide to challenge monsters capable of burning their paper world.

And this story we are told without a single word. Music for the game was written by Thomas Dvorak, known as Floex: his creations we hear in most Amanita Design games.

The composer decided to work on Papetura, despite the fact that the campaign of the game on IndieGoGo failed, which means that Petums had no money to pay for his writings. More on CCeit Blizzard completely banned the automation of multiboxing in World of Warcraft Animal Crossing and StarCraft got into the Video Game Hall of Fame Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will become exclusive PS5 at least until December 10.