One Shell shooter Straight to Hell out with Layers Of Fear addition

Studio Shotgun with Glitters, known for Moss Destruction bagel and horror action film The Padre, has released its new game. In a two-stick action film with elements of the bagel One Shell Straight to Hell, we are waiting for a new meeting with the battle padre, who fights with demons both prayers and bullets. Padre Alexander is an unusual a priest who perceives everything, including god, with sarcasm.

But he is an extremely effective demon hunter with an international license, and at the same time he is an experienced exorcist. This time Padre will have to come to the rescue of the Halliwell family: its long for years guarded the portal to hell, and now it opened and from there were hordes of demons whiffed.

To cope with them, you will have to use the elements of tower protection and take care of the development of the estate. Simultaneously with the game there was a free addition created based on the famous horror Layers Of Fear.

It has four levels based on the game, and Padre himself will try on the role of an artistic critic, fighting with โ€œpictureโ€ horrors. You can buy One Shell Straight to Hell for 899 rubles.

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