One week difference: this is the contrast in the weather

The contrast could hardly be greater: we were on the skates last week and drove the sleigh; this week we enjoy a sun-drenched, spring-like weekend.

The first official soft day of the year is a fact. At 13.10 oclock the mercury reached 15 degrees in De Bilt, reports

Because it is still winter, it is not said of a spring day, but of a soft day, which is now 2.5 weeks earlier than average.

Saturday afternoon the temperature can rise to 17 degrees, in the southeast even to 19 degrees.

A week ago it was still in the middle of winter in Amsterdam

But now it is more than spring

in the Vondelpark:

And in the PC Hooftstraat

Haarlem also enjoys plenty

In Haarlem many people have gone out the door to enjoy the sun.

A week ago this was the winter image:

Saturday it is very different:

Scheveningen In Scheveningen

it is also very busy on Saturday: