Online, season ticket, assassin: Ubisoft reveals plans to support Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft has unveiled plans to support Watch Dogs: Legion after release, which will include both a host of free updates and paid add-ons. First, on December 3, the game will feature full online: the ability to co-operate with three friends, dynamic events, separate co-op missions, multistage raid, Pvp mode with battles bots spiders and finally โ€œInvasionโ€ into other people‘s worlds. Second, developers promise to release fresh content for single player mode, including new missions and characters.

A โ€œNew Game +โ€ mode will also be added. Third, the season pass will include the Bloodlines expansion, where not only Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs will appear, but also Rench from Watch Dogs 2.

For both characters will be allowed to play season ticket holders. In addition, the members of the pass will include two more heroes: Mina โ€” able to control Darcy’s people โ€” a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins (not a joke).

Adjustment. Although Darcy is a member of the Brotherhood, she is not part of the Assassin‘s Creed canon, so her appearance is nothing more than an easter.

Watch Dogs still doesn’t take place in Assassin‘s Creed universe. In addition, pass buyers will receive several additional DedSec missions and access to the full edition of the original Watch Dogs.

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