‘Only more asphalt is dead-end road’

After the crisis, we are all in traffic jam again, thinking almost all participants of De Kafer. So something has to be done to keep road traffic around Utrecht moving in particular. More asphalt is a solution, for example by broadening the A27 at Amelisweerd, but fewer people on the road are also a thinking direction.

More asphalt and with a growing population is, according to Bertus05, a dead end. โ€œIn combination with more imports, this is to carry water to the sea.โ€ That feeling also lives in Empieters: โ€œNothing asphalt. We have to stop the population growth.โ€


Still, it is important to keep the infrastructure up to date, says professional truck driver DeVriesengel: โ€œExpand immediately! I am regularly in traffic jam at Amelisweerd as a trucker. Those left-wing goatwool sock types who want to lecture us with everything, we have to shut up. They stand in the way of progress and economic growth in our country.โ€ ThenightRider feels along with him: โ€œThe ‘best’ steering men are on shore. Everyone has an opinion, but the professional road user is the victim.โ€

In addition, traffic jams are worse for the environment, says J&E: โ€œStandstill is deterioration and environmental arguments are not valid. Traffic jams are worse for the environment than good flow. If it turns out that traffic jams are moving instead of solving them, then you have failed in the expansion.โ€

But with less traffic, you also need less asphalt, argue opponents. Hans prefers to see more people working from home: โ€œThe government can invest better in IT infrastructure than in asphalt to stimulate work from home. That reduces traffic jams better.โ€ PeterSchaafsma also believes that: โ€œMoving less is the only future-proof option. More asphalt has never provided more than temporary solace.โ€

Traffic distribution

As more people move closer to work, there is also less traffic jams, says Ghost hunter. But then we have to think differently: โ€œIf you can build asphalt, you can also build houses. There, the deficit is much more acute. Then you can move closer to work.โ€ Not all of them on the road at the same time can also help, thinks Nelis Jan: โ€œDissemination of road users is cheaper. Why do all office workers have to start at 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m.? Why can‘t the continuous companies shift change times?โ€

To build a wider A27 trees need to be cut down. This is only possible if you plant new trees instead, Bdvr says: โ€œTransport, that is, cars and trucks, will always exist in whatever form. We always keep moving. We don’t stand still. So expand the road network! But to compensate for the loss of trees, I advocate mass construction of forests.โ€

The fact that things are going to get busier again is certain for Winkeltje: โ€œWorking at home will run back soon and the traffic jams will fix everything again. Do you remember that on the radio only traffic jams over eight kilometers are mentioned? Everyone in traffic is bad for the economy. Often the influence on mood is not recognized, people in traffic jams become cranky by themselves.โ€


, but asphalt? Yes, says Mzzll187: โ€œRight now is the time. By the way, the road has become old-fashioned again in the last few days, because people still work in the office. So now asphalt is the best thing.โ€ At least that applies to the Utrecht region, thinks Pjotr Nachtegaal: โ€œUtrecht is centrally located in the Netherlands. A lot of people have to go through that.โ€

Veltman_W finally is clear in his preference: โ€œI am in favour of more asphalt, wider highways and quickly return to 130 km per hour.โ€