Only vaccinated people evacuated from island after violent volcanic eruption

Thousands of people who have not been vaccinated against corona seek safe refuge on Saint Vincent after a volcano has cracked. Only people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus are allowed to board the cruise ships deployed by the government to bring the population to safety.

More than 16,000 people on the island in the Caribbean Sea fled from their homes because Friday volcano La Soufriรจre cracked. According to government authorities, most of the island is without electricity and running water.

Cruise ships are used to bring people to safe, surrounding islands. In a speech, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced the day after the outbreak that only people vaccinated against corona get a spot on the evacuation boats. โ€œSurrounding islands expect us to take the greatest precautions in times of corona,โ€ said the Prime Minister.

People who have not been vaccinated will be housed in safer parts of the island.